200 N. High Street    Henderson, TX 75652    Phone: 903.655.5000    Fax: 903.657.9271
Dr. Raylene Conner
Deputy Superintendent & Curriculum Director
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Mrs. Kerrie Jennings
Literacy & Bilingual Coordinator
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Mrs. Mindy Rucker
Mathematics Coordinator

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The Staff of the Curriculum Department works to serve teachers, administrators, and parents of HISD in providing relevant, aligned curricula, academic and instructional leadership, and professional development opportunities for the delivery of effective instruction which enhances learning and improves achievement for all students.

Based upon the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS), Henderson ISD's curriculum provides a framework for all instruction that takes place within its classrooms. We believe that it is important for all administrators, teachers, students, and parents to have an understanding of what each student is expected to learn at specific intervals during their academic career in Henderson. Therefore, the Director of Curriculum, principals, and classroom teachers have collaborated to produce a scope and sequence of instruction and benchmark assessments for each core subject area.

Programs administered include the following:

Core Curriculum
English Language Arts/Reading
Social Studies/Economics
Physical Education
Fine Arts
Foreign Language
Technology Applications
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