No Vaping Sign

(HENDERSON - August 9, 2023) The district wants to remind families that legislators recently passed House Bill 114 which mandates DAEP (Discipline Alternative Education Program) placement for vaping violations. HB 114, which was signed by Gov. Greg Abbott in June, will go into effect September 1. This law includes the mandate that students be placed in alternative school if they use or possess an e-cigarette on or near district property. 

Henderson ISD will fully enforce this law and we need your help. Understanding these consequences needs to begin at home, so we are asking you to have a serious conversation with your child in regards to vaping. These consequences leave no room for negotiation. Students need to be aware there are no second chances or alternative punishments available.

It is critical families and students recognize that there will be zero tolerance for individuals who bring e-cigarettes to our schools, so please help us make sure your students do not suffer from the negative effects of vaping.

The full text of the law can be viewed online here: