Ballot Position Drawing

(August 24, 2023) Two Henderson ISD Trustee seats are up for election this November, both of which are “at-large” seats. Although the school district is divided up into five voting areas (also known as districts), at-large trustees are elected by voters from across the entire school district. The remaining five trustees are elected only by voters within their respective district. All trustees serve three-year terms. 

When electing at-large trustees, voters chose up to two people from a field of candidates. The two receiving the most votes become trustees. The time period to file as a candidate ended Monday and the drawing for ballot position was held today. This year’s slate of candidates includes (in order as they will appear on the ballot) Rachelle Thrasher, Rand Cates, Lance McNew, Vickie Murillo, Dee Lee Conway Smith, Loy Dorsey and Shannon B. Coats.
Early voting begins October 23 and the election is scheduled for Tuesday, November 7.